Meet The Visionary……….of……….Zion Life

Get Ready for Your Magic Carpet Ride! I will be with you before, during, and after your journey as your guide.

Stephanie Barnwell, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Founder/CEO & Lead Nurse Facilitator
An indigenous Gullah Geechee native from the Sea Islands of The Lowcountry in Beaufort (Port Royal Island) South Carolina. First, I give honor and praises to my mother and my ancestors for instilling and bestowing upon me this knowledge rooted to a cellular level in my DNA.  It is in my blood as my ancestor's hail from West Africa to the West Indies to the American Indian. These offerings have been passed down from my ancestors the wisdom and knowledge of the healing offered to us by mother nature. As a Star Child "Star Seed" it is my duty and life purpose to share this healing to the nations. 

With this innate sacred knowledge bestowed upon me in combination with my training and experience as a Licensed Practical Nurse with almost 20 years of experience in nursing I bring forth this light to share with you. This vessel "Zion Life" was created in truth to facilitate healing the mind, body, and soul in the most natural and authentic way possible. We take pride in offering a private, professional, home environment not in a clinic or a medical office sitting in a cold room. So please accept my gratitude for trusting me to be your guide. It is and will be my pleasure to open and activate your third eye, raise your level of consciousness, facilitate your journey safely and lead you to the light! 

Sending Love & Light, 


I don’t believe in problems I ONLY believe in RESOULTIONS! I’m not a genie but your wish is my command. So tell me how can I help you?

Shian Deans, Executive Assistant & Co-Facilitator
A native of the St. Thomas parish, Golden Grove, on the eastside of Jamaica. With almost a decade of training and experience in administration and management it's my pleasure to help the engine run smoothly so that you may enjoy your experience with no worries! I have been described as fun loving, kind, mild tempered, conscious, organized, like an angel, compassionate, helpful to name a few. But what I say is that I'm grateful to be a part of something bigger and greater than me and I am just another vessel being used to co-facilitate your journey as a spiritual being having a human experience. So, this is not a job it's a passion for health and wellness.

Best Regards,