Prepare, Maintain, & Preserve Your Temple {Mind, Body, Soul}


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Diet (Alkaline Diet Recommended Food List)

Vegetables-Amaranth Greens-Avocado-Bell Peppers-Chayote-Cucumber-Dandelion- greens-Garbanzo beans (i.e. Chickpeas)-Izote-Kale-Lettuce (except Iceberg)-Mushrooms (except Shitake)-Nopales-Okra-Olives-Onions-Poke salad (removed)-Wakame-Dulse-Arame-Hijiki-Nori-Squash (i.e. Butternut)-Tomato (cherry and plum only)-Turnip Greens-Zucchini-Watercress-Purslane (Verdolaga)Wild Arugula

Grains-Amaranth-Fonio-Kamut-Quinoa-Rye-Spelt-Tef-Wild Rice

Fruits-Apples-Bananas (smallest or Burro)-Berries (except cranberries)-Cantaloupe-Cherries-Currants-Dates-Figs-Grapes-Limes (key limes preferred)-Mango-Melons (seeded)-Orange (Seville or sour)-Papayas-Peaches-Pears-Plums-Prickly Pear (Cactus Fruit) Prunes-Raisins (seeded)-Soft Jelly-Coconuts (Coconut Jelly)-Soursops-Sugar Apples (removed)-Tamarind

Spices & Seasonings (Alkaline Diet Recommended Food List)

Mild Flavors-Basil-Bay leaf-Cloves-Dill-Oregano-Savory Sweet Basil-Tarragon-Thyme

Pungent and Spicy Flavors-Achiote-Cayenne / African Bird Pepper-Coriander -Onion Powder-Habanero-Sage

Salt & Sweet (Alkaline Diet Recommended Food List)

Salty Flavors-

Pure Sea Salt

Powdered Granulated Seaweed (Kelp/Dulce/Nori – has “sea taste”)

Sweet Flavors

100% Pure Agave Nectar – (from cactus)

Date Sugar

Teas, Oils, Nuts, & Seeds (Alkaline Diet Recommended Food List)

Herbal Teas-Burdock-Chamomile-Elderberry-Fennel-Ginger-Red Raspberry-Cuachalalate-Flor de Manita-Gordo Lobo-Muicle

Oils-Olive Oil (Do not cook)Coconut Oil (Do not cook)Grapeseed OilSesame OilHempseed OilAvocado Oil

Soul (Sol)

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