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The Temple of Zion Life is a spiritual healing center focused on providing the B.I.P.O.C, marginalized, and underserved community with service, education, spiritual fellowship, healing practices, guidance, and sacred ceremonies. With honor and respect, The Temple of Zion use psilocybin mushrooms as our anointed and holy sacrament and offering. Thus, sacred ceremonies are reserved for Zion Life members only.

Zion Life has been in operation since 2019, founded by Stephanie Barnwell a native indigenous Gullah Geechee people from the Sea Islands of the Lowcountry along the now protected Gullah Geechee Corridor. Since 2019 has maintained operations with the blessing from the “Most High” in beautiful Jamaica which has been a place of refuge, change, transformation, and spiritual growth. In 2023, the universe aligned and brought forth Co-Founder, Jeremiah Blackwell, a humble spiritual leader, star seed, and healer to advance the healing work at Zion under the direction of “The All”.

The Temple of Zion Life was birthed to be vessel and conduit for spiritual growth, development, and ascension to provide a place of refuge to the collective to heal our MIND, BODY, & SOUL! We believe it is our birth right as humans, indigenous or not to use our free will and freedom to believe, practice, honor and protect the sacred practice(s) of Eastern, Kemetic, and Mother-Earth based spiritual traditions. These ancient, sacred, spiritual traditions, beliefs, ceremonies and practices are grounded and rooted in African, South American, Native Indian American, and Afro-Carribean cultural, religious, and spiritual traditions using sacred indigenous natural medicines such as psilocybin, iboga, ayahuasca.

As, the “Cradle of Humankind” since the beginning of time Mother Africa and the Diaspora has given every nation the ORIGINAL spiritual, religious, scientific, and therapeutic knowledge of healing the mind, body, and soul with plant & animal medicine. Our ancestors used plant(bush) medicine and psychedelics for thousands of years long before they arrived in the West (North America) as captives with their sacred knowledge and best practices. Thus, according to spiritual law what is of the Earth is our holy sacrament, and we retain the rights as citizens of this nation to use plant medicines as conduit for the benefit of our spiritual & personal growth, physical health, personal evolution, and community healing.

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“As a Starseed , my mission and my soul purpose is to provide a place of refuge and healing for BIPOC that look like me to open doors, educate, lead, help raise the collective vibration, and increase our level of consciousness to remember who we are.”

Gullah Geechee empress stephanie b.

Origins, Ancient History, & Use of Psychedelics by B.I.P.O.C

Plant/Bush/Roots/Animal Medicine Used by Indigeniuos People before the West stole, destroyed & then synthesized for their use by the wealthy and elites.
Psilocybin (Used by Shamans, Shamanista’s, Elders, Healers & Spiritual Healers of South America, Africa, & Indigenous Native Americans)
Hapeh/Rapeh/Sacred Tobacco (Used by Shamans, Shamanistas, Elders, Healers & Spiritual Healers of South America, Africa, & Native Americans)
Sassafras & similar spice trees (produce safrole oil, the source of MDMA)
Soma (central part of the ancient Indian (Vedic) religion)
Iboga (used for centuries in spiritual, healing ceremonies, cultural rites by traditional communities in West Africa. Used by members of the Bwiti religious groups in Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, Equatorial, and Guinea )
Ayahuasca (Used by South & Native Americans)
Ubulawu (A psychoactive spiritual medicine used by the Southern African region, including the Xhosa and Zulu, to communicate with their ancestral spirits and to treat mental disturbances. Bantu traditional healers use the ubulawu as part of their ritual initiation process and training tool for their shamanic work)
Peyote Cactus (Used by South & Native Americans)
Kwashi (Pancratium trianthum) (Used by Bushmen of Dobe in Botswana as an hallucinogenic plant for spiritual and healing purposes)

Mother Africa: Cradle of Humankind

“As of 2002, over 300 plants with psychoactive uses have been identified in South Africa alone, many with psychedelic properties (48 listed as visionary plants for inducing altered states of consciousness)”

Sobiecki, 2002

We welcome you to come through your darkness and walk into your light of consciousness……let’s begin your journey!

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